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The Nail Engineer

Girl French (Soft Gel, RTS)

Girl French (Soft Gel, RTS)

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The Nail Engineer Ready to Ship Collection offers you a quick and effortless, no-commitment way to express yourself with press on nails. Our ready-to-ship press-on nails are designed for girls on the go! Each set is made of high quality materials and can be applied in less than 5 minutes.

Style: Girl French - Pink french tips with simple smile line

Shape: Extra Short Square

Material: Softgel


  • 30 Nails 
  • Nail Glue, Nail Glue tabs, nail file/buffer, wooden cuticle stick

Ready to ship nails wear for 21+ days with proper maintenance. For longer lasting nails, check out Made to Order sets.

STEP 1: Wash hands with soap and water, and dry completely.
STEP 2: Push back cuticles using the wooden cuticle stick. Then select the best fitting nail for each finger and set aside. [Pro-tip: Buff your nails to remove all shine and use acetone to remove any residue from your natural nail]
STEP 3: Apply an even layer of glue to the back of the fake nail and your natural nail.
STEP 4: Place the nail slightly under your cuticle for a seamless, natural look. Press down firmly for 30+ seconds using your thumb. Ensure the entire nail is covered and receiving pressure. [tip: press and blow underneath nail for 60 seconds for even more security)
STEP 6: If desired, touch up and reshape your using the file included. 
STEP 7: For best practice, apply The Nail Engineer cuticle oil serum to keep skin hydrated and repair dry, damaged cuticles.

Soak nails in soak and warm water and gently lift the sides for removal. These nails can also be removed using acetone if you do not intend to rewear them.

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